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You are only one step away from receiving a dose of Love, Love from yourself, to yourself. In the shape of a genuine Love Letter! Handwritten and on beautiful paper....

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A Love Letter to Myself is a beautiful and heartwarming gift to receive. The Skype interview was very pleasant and relaxed. Willy knows how to ask the right questions. I felt a bit shy at first, being questioned about myself in this way, but it was a special conversation. Willy writes in a beautiful way - literally and figuratively - and the way the Love Letter is packaged is pure eye-candy. A precious document to receive and to cherish.
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The Skype call with Willy was a fantastic experience that brought enrichment. Since it is uncommon for me to really think about the Love for myself, let alone express it, it was also confronting. Willy can listen like no other and asks the right questions at the right time, in the right tone.
The Love Letter Willy distilled from this conversation, is a true gift to myself. I still read it often and have been touched positively again and again. The letter is so much more than a beautifully written Love Letter. It is a deep encounter with myself. With everything in myself. This is me! Hooray!

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In these days where we have become accustomed to emoji’s and digital messages, it is heartwarming to receive such a personal handwritten document. At first I felt how difficult it can still be to admit so much Love, but soon I was deeply moved. Willy listened with so much attention and wrote the letter with just as much care. It is an authentic document that is permanent. Very special.
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